Jenny’s haarwerkstudio delivers wigs and hairpieces, that offer solutions for medical hair problems and loss of hair in all forms.

Our studio is fully equipped. It provides comfort and total privacy, so that you feel completely at ease when selecting a beautiful and well fitting hairpiece.

People of all ages can wear our hairpieces , offered in various sizes and models. When you first visit our studio, we can discuss all possibilities.


Jenny’s Haarwerkstudio is a member of ANKO (Dutch trade association of hairdressers), which means that we are specialists in the area of hairpieces, meeting the high standards of ANKO.

Jenny’s haarwerkstudio is a separate studio within Jenny’s haarstudio, offering comfort and total privacy.



Temporary or permanent loss of hair can considerably influence your mental state of mind. The solution: a stylish hairpiece or wig from Jenny’s Haarwerkstudio. You can choose between tailor made or custom made hairpieces, made of natural or synthetic hair, for women or men.


Are you looking for a modern hairstyle? Or do you prefer a more classic look? You can select a long or short-haired, curly or straight hairpiece. Our collection contains numerous models and colours in various price ranges.


During  a first meeting we can inform you on all the possibilities, without any obligation. Together, we can discuss all details of delivery and maintenance of your hairpiece. This first meeting can also be arranged at your home.


After you have selected a hairpiece, we can reserve it exclusively for you during six weeks. When you are in urgent need of the hairpiece, we can make sure it is adjusted within one or two weekdays.


My name is Monica Evertsen, specialist in the area of hairpieces. Because of my extended experience as a hair stylist, I have acquired extended knowledge of hair forms, colours and style. That way I am able to give you a suitable advice on a well-fitting hairpiece. In a joint effort, we can realize a mutual goal: a beautiful  and fully satisfactory hairpiece.


Due to loss of hair by chemotherapy or Alopecia Areta, your skin can feel oversensitive or irritated. Our Aveda skin care products offer a solution for these problems. These products stimulate stronger hair growth and create more vitality. Your skin will recover quickly and will feel healthy again in shorter time.


The Dutch ‘basisverzekering’ (basic health insurance) covers restitution of the costs of a hairpiece, such as a wig of a hair prosthesis. This restitution is maximized at € 419,50 per year (2017). When you select a more expensive hairpiece, your additional health insurance policy may cover these costs, otherwise the expenses are yours. At Jenny’s haarwerkstudio we can provide you with all the details.


Our membership of ANKO includes access to the ‘Geschillencommissie (SGC)’ (Disputes Committee). This committee aims to solve problems between consumers and entrepreneurs in the best, shortest and most simple way.




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